BMD (Bio Medical Waste Management)
  • The Aim of managing the bio medical waste in a hospital is to collect, segregate, process and treat the waste in a safe orderly manner and to have a check on generation of bio-medical waste.
  • In 24 hours only 120 kilograms of waste is produced.
  • Bio Medical Waste Management segregation is done category-wise, i.e into four distinct color bins Yellow, Red, White and Blue as per NABH Guidelines.
  • Dumping of Bio Medical waste is outsourced.
  • Bio Medical waste is collected timely i.e. twice a day to keep the process running smoothly.
  • BioMedical Waste collection is done adhering to the safety concerns of manpower involved in the process of waste management for instance, workers wearing gloves, mask and taking all necessary safety precautions
  • Deep cleaning of the biomedical segregation area happens everyday.
  • Mock-Drill Trainings are done on a regular basis to ensure safety and security of the workforce employed in the process.
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