The Shankus Group believe that treatment of every patient should have holistic approach which is protocol driven and affordable to the masses. Shankus Medicity is established in 50 acre area with an aim to create a place that provides all super-specialties under one roof.

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Shankus Medicity
Shankus Medicity, Shankus Waterpark, Ahmedabad-Mehsana Highway, Baliyasan, Mehsana.
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7818 000 111
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24 Hour Service - 7 Days a Week 365 Days
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City Centre
Consultant Degree Speciality Day Timming Appointment
Dr Dhwani Patel MBBS,DNB (Consultant Physician) Physician Tuesday,Friday 09:00AM To 01:00PM & 03:00AM To 06:00PM 8980025058
Dr Girish Chaudhari MBBS,MD Physician And Pulmonologist Physician Monday / Wednesday / Thursday / Satudray 09:00AM To 01:00PM & 03:00AM To 06:00PM
Dr Maulik Patel MD Medicine,D.M nephrology Nephrologist Monday / Tuesday / Thursday / Friday 10:00AM To 05:00PM
Dr Nirav Priyadarshi M.S.M.Ch.(Urology), F.M.A.S Consultant  Urologist Monday,Tuesday,Friday 9:00AM To 5:00PM
Dr Krutik Raval MBBS,MS (Gold Medalist) Urologist Wednesday,Thursday,saturday 9:00AM To 5:00PM
Dr Rajan DNB Urology Urologist Monday To Saturday 9:00AM To 5:00PM
Dr Nisarg & Dr Hardik MBBS,DNB gastroenterology Gastrology Monday,Wednesday,Friday 2:00PM To 4:00PM
Dr Aneesh Shah M.S.M.Ch.Pediatric surgery,Consultant Neonatal and Pediatric surgeon & Urologist Pediatric Surgen Friday 11:00AM To 11:30AM
Dr Urvish Parikh M.S, surgery Pediatric Surgen Saturday 01:00PM To 02:00PM
Dr Ankur kothari DNB(pediatrics),FIPNA Pediatric Nephrologist first thursday of the month 04:00PM To 6:00PM
Dr Rashi Gupta MBBS,DNB(pediatrics) Pediatric Nephrologist second thursday of the month 09:00AM To 11:00AM
Dr Anuj Shukla MBBS,MD,DM Clinical immunology and Rheumatologist second saturday of the month 11:00AM To 3:00PM
Dr Shrikant Somani MD(Medicine),DNB(Endocrinology) Endocrinologist last wednesday of the month 11:30AM To 4:00PM
Dr Ranjana Bechelor of occupational theraphy      
Dr Chiman   Bechelor of occupational theraphy
Dr Pinal Bechelor of physiotheraphy Physiotherapist    
Miss Mittal Diploma in clinical & community psycology Speech & ABA Therapist    
Mr Satish  Diploma course in educational counseling Monday To Saturday 09:00AM To 05:30PM
Miss Neha Diploma in clinical & community psycology    
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