City Centre
Consutant Degree Speciality Day Timming Appoinment
Dr Dhwani Patel MBBS,DNB (Consultant Physician) Physician Tuesday,Friday 09:00AM To 01:00PM & 03:00AM To 06:00PM 8980025058
Dr Girish Chaudhari MBBS,MD Physician And Pulmonologist Physician Monday / Wednesday / Thursday / Satudray 09:00AM To 01:00PM & 03:00AM To 06:00PM
Dr Maulik Patel MD Medicine,D.M nephrology Nephrologist Monday / Tuesday / Thursday / Friday 10:00AM To 05:00PM
Dr Nirav Priyadarshi M.S.M.Ch.(Urology), F.M.A.S Consultant  Urologist Monday,Tuesday,Friday 9:00AM To 5:00PM
Dr Krutik Raval MBBS,MS (Gold Medalist) Urologist Wednesday,Thursday,saturday 9:00AM To 5:00PM
Dr Rajan DNB Urology Urologist Monday To Saturday 9:00AM To 5:00PM
Dr Nisarg & Dr Hardik MBBS,DNB gastroenterology Gastrology Monday,Wednesday,Friday 2:00PM To 4:00PM
Dr Aneesh Shah M.S.M.Ch.Pediatric surgery,Consultant Neonatal and Pediatric surgeon & Urologist Pediatric Surgen Friday 11:00AM To 11:30AM
Dr Urvish Parikh M.S, surgery Pediatric Surgen Saturday 01:00PM To 02:00PM
Dr Ankur kothari DNB(pediatrics),FIPNA Pediatric Nephrologist first thursday of the month 04:00PM To 6:00PM
Dr Rashi Gupta MBBS,DNB(pediatrics) Pediatric Nephrologist second thursday of the month 09:00AM To 11:00AM
Dr Anuj Shukla MBBS,MD,DM Clinical immunology and Rheumatologist second saturday of the month 11:00AM To 3:00PM
Dr Shrikant Somani MD(Medicine),DNB(Endocrinology) Endocrinologist last wednesday of the month 11:30AM To 4:00PM
Dr Ranjana Bechelor of occupational theraphy      
Dr Chiman   Bechelor of occupational theraphy
Dr Pinal Bechelor of physiotheraphy Physiotherapist    
Miss Mittal Diploma in clinical & community psycology Speech & ABA Therapist    
Mr Satish  Diploma course in educational counseling Monday To Saturday 09:00AM To 05:30PM
Miss Neha Diploma in clinical & community psycology    
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