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Shankus Group

The founder of the group Mr. Shankarbhai Chaudhary had a vision of serving society by providing the best of health, Education and entertainment, which has now transcended into the basic philosophy of the group i.e. 'Satchitanand' where 'Sat' represents health, 'Chitt'- education and ‘Anand’ stands for entertainment.The group has established the first ever Water Park of the country – Shankus Water Park and the most luxurious holiday resort – Shankus Water World Resort.

It has also established Divine Child Schools at Mehsana, Adalaj and Dhinoj to assure a bright future for the students. Moreover, Shankus group has been successfully running Shankus Natural Health Centre - A world class and the largest Naturopathy Center in Gujarat for the last 11 years.

Other than that, the group has also been manufacturing construction chemicals, fertilizing chemicals, minerals and animal feed Supplements. One more company in the group named Shankus Acme Pharma Pvt. Ltd. is manufacturing, supplying and distributing more than 45 pharma products.As the group now embarks on a vision of creating the citadel of healthcare where the word ‘health’ can achieve a new perspective, it is now establishing




Monthly Patients Treated

Monthly OTs

Monthly OPDs

Key Performance Indicators
  • Monthly 300 OTs
  • Monthly 2000+ OPDs
  • Monthly 200+ chemos
  • Monthly Patients admitted and treated 1000+
  • Cardiac Surgery to the date
  • Oncology Surgery to the date
Special Services
Shankus Medicity

Shankus Medicity was established with an aim to create a place that provides all super-specialties under one roof.

Shankus Superspeciality

Providing the best in class medical services and critical care 24/7

Shankus Cancer Care

Fighting back cancer with the best treatment and warmth across the country

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