The Shankus Group believe that treatment of every patient should have holistic approach which is protocol driven and affordable to the masses. Shankus Medicity is established in 50 acre area with an aim to create a place that provides all super-specialties under one roof.

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Shankus Medicity
Shankus Medicity, Shankus Waterpark, Ahmedabad-Mehsana Highway, Baliyasan, Mehsana.
Phone Numbers:
7818 000 111
Working Time:
24 Hour Service - 7 Days a Week 365 Days
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Time Table for Consulting Doctors at Shankus Medicity

Doctor Name Specialty Visiting Day
Dr. Krutik & Dr. Nirav Priyadarshi  Urologist Every Day
Dr. Maulik Patel Nephrologist Every Day
Dr. Ketan Patel & Dr. Hitesh Mahida Neuro Surgeon Every Tuesday and Friday
Dr. Manish Diwakar & Dr. Arpit Gajjar Orthopaedic Surgeon Every Day
Dr. Nitin Chaudhari General & Laparoscopic Surgeon Every Day
Dr. Dhwani Patel & Dr. Girish chaudhary Physician Every Day
Dr. Nirav Trivedi & Dr. Nishant Upadhya Head & Neck Oncology Surgeon Every Day
Dr. Nirali Trivedi Medical Oncologist & Hematologist Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Dr. Vikash Singh General Surgical Oncologist Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
Dr. Saurin Shah Cranial Base, Neuro-otology & ENT Surgeon Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday
Dr. Hemil Pandya Critical care Specialist Every Day
Dr. Aneesh Shah Pediatric Surgeon Every Friday
Dr. Urvish Parikh Pediatric Surgeon Every Saturday
Dr. Ankit Kumar Patel Pediatrician Every Day
Dr. Ankita Midha Cleft Lip & Cleft Palate Surgeon Every Monday
Dr. Sandeep Chaudhary Physiotherapist Every Day
Dr. Gaurang Patel Cardiologist Every Day /Mehsana
Dr. Prarak Agrawal Radiotherapy Every Day
Dr. Jaymin  Shash Orthopaedic Onco Surgeon 2nd,4th Saturday
Dr. A.S. Parmar RMO Monday To Friday
Dr. Nirav Maharaja Plastic surgeon Monday to Friday
Dr. Ankit R. Patel Maxilofacial surgeon Every Day
Dr. Maulik A Patel Nephrologist Tuesday and Saturday
Dr. Perak Agrawal Radiotherapy Monday to Friday 
Dr. Priyank Bhatt Cardiac Wednesday 
Dr. Mihir Thakor Rediologist Daily
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