The Shankus Group believe that treatment of every patient should have holistic approach which is protocol driven and affordable to the masses. Shankus Medicity is established in 50 acre area with an aim to create a place that provides all super-specialties under one roof.

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Shankus Medicity
Shankus Medicity, Shankus Waterpark, Ahmedabad-Mehsana Highway, Baliyasan, Mehsana.
Phone Numbers:
7818 000 111
Working Time:
24 Hour Service - 7 Days a Week 365 Days
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Consultant Degree Speciality Day Timming
Dr Nirav Trivedi M.B.B.S. ,M.S. ,M.C.H. REG Head & Neck Cancer Surgeon Monday To Saturday 10AM To 4PM
Dr Nishant Upadhyay        
Dr Pochamallu Byra MDS FHNO Consultant Head And Neck Oncosurgeon      
Dr Ravirajsinh Gohil Consultant Head & Neck Oncosurgeon MDS, FCMFT (AOMSI), FHNS (FHNO - Gold Medal) Reg no: A-10569        
Dr Himanshu Soni Consultant Head & Neck Oncosurgeon,Fhnos-FHNO,FCMFT-AOMSI,OMFS Fellow In Head And Neck Oncosurgery Fellow In Cranio,Maxillofacial Trauma Surgery       
Dr Vikas singh  MBBS (GOLD MEDAL) MS (GOLD MEDAL) DNB (SURGICAL ONCOLOGY) REG. NO G-75261 Surgical Oncologist Monday To Saturday 10AM To 4PM
Dr Harshjit Dave        
Dr Nirav Maharaja M.CH PLASTIC AND RECONSTRUOTIV SURGERY G-28855 Plastic Surgeon Monday To friday 10AM To 4PM
Dr Nirali Trivedi M.D (MEDICINE,F.H.O.) CONSULTANT HEMETO ONCOLOGY REG NO.G-35808 Hematology and Medical ONCO Monday,Wednesday,Friday 11AM To 3PM
Dr Parerak Agarwal M.D. RADIATION ONCOLOGY REG. NO. G- 51895 Radiation Oncologist Monday To Friday  10AM To 4PM
Dr Jenish Patel        
Dr Chandni Patel    Pen Specialist 1st Monday of Month 11AM To 2PM
Dr Monika Sharma     (on Appointment)  
Dr Jaymin Shah M.S. ORTHOPAEDIC REG . NO. G- 16897 Orthopedic ONCO Surgeon 2nd & 4th Saturday(on Appointment) 11AM To 2PM
Dr Anupa Joshipura   Pediatric Hemato And Medical Oncologist on Appointment 11AM To 2PM
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