The Shankus Group believe that treatment of every patient should have holistic approach which is protocol driven and affordable to the masses. Shankus Medicity is established in 50 acre area with an aim to create a place that provides all super-specialties under one roof.

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Shankus Medicity, Shankus Waterpark, Ahmedabad-Mehsana Highway, Baliyasan, Mehsana.
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Basti Opening

Raebreli opening

Jamnagar Opening

Taking forward our mission to revolutionize cancer care in India, we proudly announce the opening of Shankus Cancer Hospital in Jamnagar. With this, now we have a network of 10 cancer hospitals across India, and more to come, to provide affordable and advanced cancer care to everyone.

Jammu Opening

At Shankus Hospitals Jammu Branch, your well-being is our top priority. Another successful health check-up event underscores our commitment to your health.

ISACON - 2023

Shankus Hospitals proudly took part in ISACON-2023, Gujarat's scientific conclave for Anaesthesiologists, held on October 13th to 15th. We believe that participating in such events is the key to our growth!

Sumerpur - Free Health Check-up Camp at Aatwara

Free health check-up camp recently took place in Aatwara by Shankus Cancer Hospitals! Our dedicated team always puts your well-being first, because we believe in keeping you healthy for life.

Free Health Check-Up Camp on October 8,2023

Nurturing Wellness: Our Free Health Check-Up Camp on October 8, 2023, at Shankus Hospitals, Basti was a resounding success! Your health is our mission. Stay tuned for more opportunities to put your well-being first with us!

Health Check-Up Camp - Bishnah Tehsil, Jammu

Prioritizing Your Health! Health Check-Up Camp in Bishnah Tehsil, Jammu was a tremendous success! We are committed to taking care of your well-being and always dedicated to your health.

Sumerpur Cricket League

After a series of thrilling matches marked by outstanding performances, Sumerpur Cricket League came to an electrifying end in the grand finale. The tournament was a resounding success, with MLA Shree Saiyamji Lodha gracing the award ceremony. Shankus Hospital is proud to have provided medical services and kits throughout the tournament and to have contributed to mementos of players and committee members.

Inauguration eremony at Shankus Cancer Hospital- Sumerpur.

Highlights of the inauguration ceremony at Shankus Cancer Hospital-Sumerpur. Shankus Cancer Hospital is now open to provide advanced and affordable cancer care in Sumerpur. With a team of 28+ oncology experts and a network of 10 cancer hospitals across India, Shankus is one of the most trusted cancer hospitals in the country. To book an appointment, call 90990 80012.

Doctors Day

Doctors Day was joyously celebrated across all of our branches at Shankus Hospitals, where we expressed our deep appreciation for the dedicated individuals who selflessly work to save lives, which hold immense importance to us all. Simply expressing our gratitude feels inadequate considering the tireless efforts these doctors put in day and night to ensure our well-being. We should always take pride in their relentless efforts as they remain steadfast in their dedication to our overall health.

Shankus Hospitals celebrated Doctors Day with utmost joy, expressing our gratitude to the dedicated individuals who are tirelessly saving the lives that hold immense significance to all of us. Thanking them feels insufficient as they consistently give their utmost, day and night, ensuring our well-being. We should always take pride in their unwavering efforts, and they remain committed to our holistic health.

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